1. Frank Fontaneous: tfw u think about balding while on t and u just sorta.
  2. Frank Fontaneous: think abt frank fontaine
  3. atlasfucker69: FUCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCK
  4. atlasfucker69: aint no octo kid
  5. atlasfucker69: the names frank fontaine
Anonymous said:
top 5 memes


  1. there is no meme funnier than this meme

my Husband

that actually wasn’t a joke im gay


Half Life 2 Episode 1: intro.


seductively lays on ur bed


when people say that they stay up thinking about someone tHEY AINT FUCKIN KIDDING


reminder that your shitty attitude toward autistic people who need help making decisions, using basic bodily functions properly or who simply cannot communicate in a way that you understand means fucking jack shit because nobody gives a shit about “how hard it is they’re making your life” and actually if you feel that way about autistic people how about this:

get out of their life and find them someone who actually values their life more than you, you sorry sack of soggy doritos

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